How to Get rid of fine lines fast and safely at any age


Fine lines are the most visible facial features on the body. Making your skin as ageless requires a highly improved formula that works effectively. Surface lines, fine lines, and deeper furrows can be faded by improving the flow of nutrients and blood. Any part of your facial skin with fine lines is indicative of low production of collagen and elasticin proteins.

Getting rid of fine lines at any age

Eventually, when people show concerns about the effects of aging, they must have seen some stubborn signs of fine lines. Wrinkles rarely show up in your 20s; however, crow’s feet are easily visible as from your mid-thirty age. To get rid of fine lines; your skin texture is important. Regardless of your age, with scaly and dry skin; cracks and wrinkles will create deeper lines.

Whereas hydrated skin is fortified with vitamins that makes it smooth and supple. Naturally, by applying vitamin-rich skin moisturizers; anti-aging ingredients can be absorbed to boost the production of collagen.

Causes of fine lines and under eye wrinkles

The secretion of natural oils from the sebaceous gland can become excess while using oil-based moisturizers. Wear oil-free moisturizer with broad-spectrum sunscreen to prevent the oily skin textures from becoming sticky. Genetics play a major role in the process of aging. Lifestyle practices and improper diets can worsen the appearance of fine lines. However, these natural causes are not excuses to have a flawless skin that gives you confidence.

Apart from genetics, over-exposure the harmful rays of sunlight and environmental pollutants are big triggers collagen deficiency.  However, any damage to your skin cell will show visible signs of lines. Crow’s feet around the corners of your eyes and lines that stretch towards the temple can be reduced with simple methods.

Repeated facial expressions

When bright light falls on your retina, it causes you to squint before seeing properly. Crying, frowning and smiling are a few facial movements that happen in our daily lives and results in crows feet. That involuntary facial movement decreases the skin’s eventually over a period. When you grow older and express these movements, the facial skin will fail to maintain its elasticity. To reduce the development of fine lines and other effects of aging skin; avoiding facial expressions is not a smart idea. Understanding how connective skin tissues work in plumping the skin can make a huge difference.

Free radical agents

When toxins from metabolized foods invade our tissues and cells, they render them inactive. Naturally, inactive skin cells will cause discoloration and dark complexion. The surface of any skin where there’s an underlying weakened cell will shrink, and result in nasolabial folds. Nasolabial folds like premature wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet can be reduced when these toxins are flushed from your bloodstream.

How to Get rid of fine lines fast

Wear sunscreen

Sunburns, freckles, fine lines, wrinkles and melanoma can result from UV damages. When you protect the skin from over-exposure to sunlight, it improves it’s texture and restores elasticity. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from tanning beds, sunlight, and other environmental sources have damaging effects on the skin cells. The intensity of sunlight can reduce the effectiveness of your skin moisturizers.

So, it’s better to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day and vitamin C serum or retinol-based anti-wrinkle cream at night. The beauty regimen to get rid of fine lines should be a double approach (night and day) towards glowing skin.

Deeper peels

Add deeper peels that contain salicylic, glycolic and trichloroacetic acid to your skincare routine. By penetrating spots of fine lines with acidic fatty oils; deeper peels exfoliate multiple layers of fine lines and wrinkles. Usually, after exfoliation, an underlying skin tissue grows and feels smooth to touch. An advantage of peels is the depth at which scrapping occurs; it takes out every layer of wrinkles and fine lines. However, deeper peeling is an uncomfortable session that leaves scars after removing deep-seated fine lines.

Wear facial masks

There are many organic recipes for making facial masks, and the addition of carrier oils helps the absorption process. Applying a mixture of carrier oils, honey and ginger as a facial mask are effective because of loads of vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Ginger is a spice with powerful extracts for blood circulation. There’s a double effect of blood flow and regeneration of collagen when these ingredients penetrate to the sublayers of your skin.

More so, facial masks tighten the under-eye skin and leave the face hydrated with essential oils. Mix a tablespoon of honey, two teaspoons of ginger paste and two tablespoons of any carrier oil (coconut, almond, or olive) thoroughly. Apply generously on the face with your fingers and allow to dry for at least forty minutes. During this time, potent ingredients are absorbed through the skin pores into the dermis. Then, wash your face with clean water and repeat the process at least three times every week for three months.

Injection fillers

The use of injections like Botox to fill frown lines is an expensive way to make your skin glow. Injectable fillers calm the muscles that trigger smile lines, frown lines, and wrinkles. This therapy takes a couple of months before impressive results can be sustained. However, cosmetic dermatologists recommend that beauty enthusiasts consult their doctors before using injectable fillers.

Adopt a proper diet plan

Naturally, diets remain the safest and fastest way to rid fine lines. However, filling your plate with antioxidant and vitamin fortified diest should be consistent. Antioxidants, heart-friendly omega-3 oil, vitamins A, C, and E are skin-boosting ingredients. These powerful ingredients tighten your loose skin, fill fine lines and fade dark spots.


The process of aging is the dominant factor that triggers the production of fine lines. Fine lines, discoloration, and wrinkles of the skin reduces your level of confidence and creates a dull appearance. Cosmetic surgeries are efficient even when they are not cost-effective methods. However, there are topical solutions, organic facial masks and simple methods of reducing the effects of fine lines.