Benefits of Chicken Gizzard for Health

For those who like innards, chicken gizzard is one type of culinary delights that can be eaten in any form of processed products, from curry, dibalado, or just fried until dry. Although often linked as a cause of rising cholesterol levels in the body, this organ in poultry also has several health benefits, you know.

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The gizzard is part of the digestive system of chickens that functions to grind food that enters the body so that it is more easily digested. If you have ever seen a chicken pecking at a pebble, that little stone is stored in the gizzard.

The gizzard is somewhat oval and small and will feel chewy when you bite. In the market, these organs are often sold together with the liver or known as ati-ampela innards.

The ingredients and benefits of gizzard for health

Offal is indeed known as good food, but bad because it contains cholesterol. However, this stigma cannot be attached to chicken gizzard because they are actually rich in nutrients, especially protein, and low in fat so it is safe for consumption by almost everyone.

Other health benefits of chicken gizzard are:

Potential to prevent cancer

The content of selenium in chicken gizzard can improve the performance of thyroid hormones so that the body is able to fight the bad effects of free radicals.

Selenium itself has the potential to protect you from the emergence of several types of cancer, such as breast, lung, prostate and skin cancer, although this claim remains to be proven with further research.

·        Lose weight

For those of you who still want to eat well while losing weight, consumption of chicken gizzard can be one alternative.

According to the Journal published by the US Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, eating high-protein foods can reduce your appetite while preventing obesity and fat accumulation in the stomach.

·        Healthy digestion and brain

Chicken gizzard also contains vitamin B-12 which can improve brain performance while producing red blood cells. Deficiency of vitamin B-12 can cause anemia or gastrointestinal disorders that cause memory problems, dementia, depression, or excessive fatigue.

·        Prevent fatigue

If you often feel tired, headaches, difficulty focusing, or heart palpitations, you may be experiencing iron deficiency. Before you take blood booster supplements, it doesn’t hurt if you try to eat chicken gizzard first.

In 100 grams of chicken gizzard there are 2.49 milligrams of iron, equivalent to 14 percent of daily consumption recommendations for one person. Iron will make cells in the body return to normal work, improve immune function, and help expedite the circulation of oxygen throughout the body.

Continue to limit consumption of gizzard

Despite having many benefits, gizzard should not be consumed excessively, especially if you suffer from high cholesterol. Like the organs in other animals, gizzard has a fairly high saturated fat content, although the levels are not as much in the liver and intestines.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) states that consumption of gizzard or other saturated fat foods must be less than 10 percent of the daily calories you consume. Meanwhile, if you suffer from high cholesterol, eat gizzard should not be more than 5 percent of the total calorie needs per day.

Other studies also say that animal organs, including chicken gizzard, contain purines which can increase uric acid levels and the appearance of symptoms of gout. Therefore, if you have a complaint above, you should avoid eating gizzard or at least reduce it.