Benefits of cleaning the face with warm water before going to sleep

Hasil gambar untuk wanita cuci muka

Having healthy, natural, and shiny facial skin is the dream of every woman. Routine care is needed to get all that. One of them is diligently washing your face before going to bed. Although it sounds simple and simple, washing your face at night before going to sleep turns out to have a myriad of benefits for the health of your facial skin. What benefits will you get if you diligently wash your face before going to bed?


  • Giving Time to Face Skin Pores for Breathing

When doing activities all day, our skin cannot be separated from make up, cosmetics, and other beauty treatments. Not to mention if you are active in outdoor activities. Pollution, blazing sun, and various toxins in the free air attack your facial skin directly. All of these things can clog the pores and make it difficult to breathe. Clogged pores will develop into zits. The skin problem is doubled, right?

Therefore, diligently wash your face clean before going to bed. Washing your face at night will remove all cosmetic marks and poisons that stick to your skin all day. Clean facial skin will make the face feel light and the mind becomes more relaxed. Clean facial skin also makes the pores free to breathe with relief.

  • Minimizing Acne Growth

The benefits of washing your face with warm water, if there is your face there are pimples growing due to sebum that attaches to the hair follicles and clogs the pores of the skin. This blockage then grows into zits. Sebum is produced by skin oil glands due to activities that you do throughout the day. Dust and dirt on the skin will make the condition worse and the acne becomes inflamed.

  • The Face Becomes Natural Brighter

Cosmetics that are too long on the face and exposure to sunlight and dust directly cause facial skin to become dull and not glowing. Bright shining faces must be cleaned frequently, especially at night. So that the next day when you wake up from the face sleep will be bright and not oily.

  • Avoid Face Skin from Cosmetic Side Effects

The benefits of washing your face with warm water in your face that is full of cosmetics and make up is needed by women to support the appearance and cover up the defects in the facial skin. But you certainly know that cosmetics and make up are made from various chemical mixtures that can have an adverse effect on your skin if used for a long time. That is why it is highly recommended for you to wash your face before going to bed.

  • Skin Cell Regeneration Can Work With Maximum

The benefits of washing your face with warm water can regenerate skin cells or new skin cell growth occurs at night from 10 pm to 2:00 am. Facial skin that is still covered by make up will interfere with the growth of new skin cells, so that regeneration cannot run perfectly. The buildup of dead skin cells will make the face look dull and not fresh. That’s why skin cell regeneration is very important. This regeneration can only work optimally if the facial skin is clean from all types of makeup and cosmetics. How to? Of course by washing your face clean with warm water at night before going to bed.

  • The Skin Healing Process Occurs Faster

Skin cells, including skin cells in your face, have the ability to repair themselves. After doing activities throughout the day, meeting with dust and dirt and using makeup, your skin cells will be damaged due to the harmful chemicals contained in them. But don’t worry, because damaged skin cells can repair themselves from damage caused by pollution or cosmetics. With clean washed face skin, this healing process will occur faster so that your facial skin always looks healthy, bright, and fresh.

  • Avoid Irritation of the Eyes

The use of make up for the eyes such as eye shadow and mascara certainly has a bad effect if it is not cleaned immediately after activity. The mascara and eye shadow you use can just hit your eyelids and enter your eyes when you sleep.

  • Skin Care Products Will Be Absorbed Better

To get healthy skin, women don’t just rely on natural ways. They also use skin care products from clinics or beauty doctors. However, you still have to diligently wash your face, especially before going to bed. Skin hygiene and skin pores must be maintained by washing the face.

  • Face Oil Production Will Decrease

Production of sebum or oil on the face tends to be high during the day when your face is exposed to free air. Sebum makes the face look shiny because of oil, and the pores of the skin will be clogged by sebum that appears on the surface. To avoid this, you must minimize the production of sebum by facial skin. Washing your face before going to sleep will cleanse the skin to the deepest pores so that the production of sebum and oil can be suppressed. As a result, your skin will be free of oil and light even though you have been active all day!

  • Face Skin Will Be Hydrated and Not Dry

Moisturizer or facial moisturizer must be a member of daily skin care. Moisturizers can increase water content on the face and hydrate the skin so it doesn’t dry even though wearing makeup. The facial moisturizer that you use in the morning must have evaporated if night falls. Washing your face at night allows the skin to breathe as freely as possible and restore its natural moisture.

  • Slows Early Aging on the Skin

As you get older, your skin will also age if it is not maintained and cared for properly. The use of cosmetics and make up continuously can also make the skin look older because the fine lines on the face will quickly appear. Washing your face with cold water at night is highly recommended because it makes the skin calmer so that the skin looks youthful because the premature aging process has been hampered.